Words from the heart

Well, my single launch came and went just over a week ago and now the real work has begun. I have to be completely honest - I am feeling unbelievably overwhelmed with how much time I have to spend on tasks I don’t enjoy e.g. social media and the amount of work it is taking for little to almost zero impact. But when you are a one-woman-show, you have no choice but to press on. 

I am not trying to make excuses here but it’s tough as a woman and a mother, starting literally from scratch at this late stage in my life. Yeah I had success earlier in my music career but the industry has changed so much in a decade. Yet here I am today, with my heart on my sleeve, launching music I’m more proud of than ever. I want to share my music and story with those who want to listen, maybe even inspire! But most importantly, as a woman and an artist, I want to be authentic and focus on what brings me the most joy. Maybe that’s reaching out and connecting with women who can identify with my struggle? The struggle of being pulled in so many different directions, not having all the answers and the never ending self doubt whilst putting on a brave front. It’s bloody exhausting! 

But then there are moments like when I hear my seven year old son sing along with my songs while he is back seat passenger in my car on our way to wherever it is we are going. Those moments give me joy and hope and sometimes, that’s enough. 

So as I sit here at my desk staring at the screen ready to get out of my comfort zone, I want to ask you this. What are you doing right now in your life that feels authentic? I’m usually a very private person off stage, but seriously, I want to hear from YOU! 

That’s all. Now lets rock!!! 

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