Finding your voice.....

If you are reading this you might be considering vocal lessons for yourself or your child.  I'd like to share with you my early experience and how it got me to where I am today. As a young girl I suffered from terrible stage fright and almost let it define my music career. I was fortunate enough later in life to get the vocal coaching and mentoring I so desperately needed.  This set me on a very enriching path.  From performing live on stage to an enthusiastic crowd of 45,000 people, to being interviewed on national TV and radio, to working around the world with the best recording artists in the business, the experience gained over the years has taken me full circle – helping kids find their voice.  
I am constantly in awe and inspired by the kids I work with.  Together we unlock their potential in a very supportive and fun environment.  I like to work with kids between 10-15 years of age starting with vocal technique.  Once the trust has been established we then work on stage presence, audition preparation, performance on a live stage and the most fun element of all – recording vocals in a real studio. 
Interestingly what I have discovered first hand is the confidence developed in our sessions very quickly spills into other areas of the student’s life at home and school.  Passion can be a very powerful tool and I try to ensure each student embraces this whole heartedly. 

Recently I have started working with adults and found this to be extremely rewarding.  To find out about availability and rates, send a request via the contact page. 

Believe you can, and you're half way there.”

— T. Roosevelt


     "Shelley has been a wonderful influence on my daughters.  My daughter Kendall has always loved music and has been singing since she was born, however, she was shy about performing around others.  Shelley worked with her through weekly lessons and we witnessed a transformation in Kendall as she became more confident and learned to better project her voice.  She is now a star student in varsity choir, a member of the state regional choir and has recently been invited to audition to perform for The Texas Choral Directors Association in San Antonio this summer.  Shelley also helped my daughter Cassidy prepare for a theatrical audition, in which she won a leading role.  My girls admire and respect Shelley as she has a gentle way of encouraging them, both a friend and professional."  Jill Wingrove 

     “Shelley, thanks to you Kylie absolutely KILLED her audition!! When you told her to own it, she totally did. Not only did she qualify to move to intermediate (which is what the audition was for) she was offered a lead role in the Elite Group (ages 15-19) and it includes a voice coach and dance lessons. And she’s only 11 years old!  I'm so incredibly proud of her and grateful to you for steering her in the right direction!” Amy Lindsley 

     "I jumped at the opportunity when I found out Shelley Mac was offering lessons to adults.  Why?  Because Shelley is a true professional.  She has the voice of an angel and the touch of a passionate teacher that will lead you to a level you didn't know you had.  Shelley has not only helped me find my voice, but has coached and encouraged me in a way that has brought about more confidence in myself in a short amount of time.  My first lesson we hit the ground running, not a moment wasted.  Her passion and determination to help develop your voice combined with her personableness make the lessons fun and exciting.  If you, your child or a family member or friend has ever been curious about singing, look no further than Shelley Mac.  Could not be happier with my results so far!" Trina Segura